Personalized and passionate work

Our foundation is built on a deep passion for aquatics. For years we have used our broad knowledge and experience in the insurance-world, and combined it with a passionate, pro-active and personal methodology in our work. Our main aim is to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We would love to get to know you and your boat, so we can find a fitting insurance for you – and handle all of your worries and administrative work.

We work exclusively for the leading insurance companies, by whom we have received the trust and the go-ahead to deliver on policies and to process claims on their behalf.


We always try to provide clarity as soon as we possibly can, so you always know what exactly is going on. Using our maritime specialism, we have full knowledge of the world of aquatics; we know how to solve problems swiftly and efficiently and know the obstacles within the branch.

L’Ortye, weathering your storms since 1978.