Carefree sailing

Paul L’Ortye Yacht Insurance will provide all insurances in and around your boat. Through our specialization in aquatics, we know of all obstacles, and how to solve them. We make sure you are well-prepared and well-equipped in case anything goes wrong – and should that moment arise, we promise you will be helped quickly and efficiently.

We have a number of sharp, first-class premiums with a wide array of insurance possibilities. Whether you are sailing in your home-country, or abroad – we pride ourselves in helping you just as fast internationally, as we do on a national-basis, due to a large international network of experts that are ready to help you. We ensure a direct helpline with a specialist who knows what he or she is talking about, so you can sail on carefree.


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Brilliantly fast claims processing, where you are notified of the status of your situation at every moment through e-mail. It’s a real recommendation for your Yacht or boat insurance. – Martin, 35.