Paul L’Ortye Yacht Insurance

Weathering your storms since 1978

Yacht insurance

Paul L’Ortye Yacht Insurance will provide all insurances in and around your boat. A first-class premium for your first-class boat.

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Due to our international expertise and experience and our broad knowledge when it comes to languages, you are able to sail carefree wherever you please.

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Special risks

L’Ortye has the requisite knowledge, experience and facilities to provide the right insurance solutions for all luxurious boats.

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About us

Paul L’Ortye Yacht Insurance has been a family-run business since 1978 with an enormous passion for aquatics. Our aim is to have an effective and personal relationship with our clients. For over 40 years we have stood alongside you, so you can sail carefree.

Knowledge centre

To give our knowledge about and passion for everything boat-related a platform, L’Ortye has developed a Knowledge Centre, so we can all stay updated about all the ins and outs of aquatics.

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Last reviews

Nautisch weerbericht

Before you go out with your boat, stay updated about the current wind forecast and the weather at sea through our real-time nautical forecast.

Why L’Ortye?

  • We specialize in boat insurances only.
  • We are available 24/7 in case of emergency.
  • We offer you quick, effective and personal help.
  • Our service runs worldwide.
  • We will take on as much of your work as we can.
  • Our work stems from a shared passion for aquatics.


  • Your boat will remain valued at the same price you insured it.
  • Attractive solution for a charter with skipper.
  • Your household effects are always covered above the insured sum.

Our crew